Lots of people avoid buying glass dining tables because they seem safer and more reliable in terms of holding heavy plates. However, we’ll gladly debunk this myth by explaining why glass tables are actually a better choice than wood ones.

Something that most people don’t know, is that glass tables are built to withstand oven-like temperatures.  Not only will they take the heat, they also won’t stain like wood does.  Over time, wood tables start to loose their shape and color.  Glass will not.

For modern home interior looks, glass dining tables provide a perfect option since they come in all shapes and sizes, and the color is made to match anything.  They’re also great for smaller rooms since they add transparency – thus, making the room look brighter and and larger.  Glass is timeless, and truly the perfect choice for all types of interior design.

People use glass tables to create even a tiny space seem greater. It’s commonly utilised in kitchen area tables. The glass tops depicts additional visible room even within the smaller kitchen. Glass surface is sleek and it blends correctly with all sorts of decors.

If you want durability and want a table that will last you a long time, then choose a table made of tempered glass.  Although most tables already come tempered, it’s always best to double check.  It rivals none in terms of durability due to its very strong material that can withstand a lot of scratches, temperature changes, and spills. Glass dining tables are especially useful if you have small children.