German designer Peter Böckel is present this combined book shelf and lamp at DMY Berlin. Called Readme, the design resembles a stretched lamp shade with the books stashed in a void between the two ends. The steel cabinet is supported on maple legs and light is emitted from the translucent top surface.

Readme is the convergence of a lamp and a shelf. Standing on four legs it also is lightly influenced by the characteristics of a small chest. It still holds the traits of a lampshade which is broken up by shelving. In addition there is some small storage at the top. The extrapolation of the two convergent origins is the decisive point.

Used materials are white maple and coated steel.

Peter Böckel is a young industrial designer from Germany. He graduated 2011 from the University of Applied Science Coburg. During his time at the university he collected work experience in the offices of N+P Industrial Design in Munich and Michael Young in Hong Kong. Besides his assistant teaching at the university, he organized and mentored workshops for students at universities in Istanbul.

His design interests are ranging from experimental and furniture to industrial design. He scrutinizes and interprets things and processes in abstract and unusual ways. Here he likes to move around border crossings.

This can be used in topics and in the meanings are. Equally important is to find the right dose of friction between product and user. Inspired by materials, technologies and his surroundings he creates iconic and contemporary products.