While building a home entertainment system in their living rooms, many people obsess about the size of the television they wish to purchase, what type of movie player and which speakers to hook it all into. An often neglected item is the TV stand furniture upon which to mount the equipment. A somewhat crucial item in practice, TV stands come in a variety of different shapes and designs. If you are starting your own home cinema then you will need to purchase one at some stage. If you leave the TV stand for your LCD or Plasma TV until after your purchase, you’ll have little option but to place it on the floor. Not only is this sub-optimal in terms of viewing, it is potentially damaging to your TV set as the screen could potentially get kicked by someone walking past or damaged in some other way. The type of TV furniture you choose will depend, ultimately on your space area, budget and personal taste. Whether you are seeking a contemporary glass and steel look or a more classic oak wood, the styles, colors, materials and shapes of TV stands vary quite considerably. While it is nice to have a wide selection to choose from, you might be shopping for quite a while for just the right one. A minimalist style is very popular as are wall mounds as this frees up a lot of living room space, leaving the room feeling less claustrophobic. The extra space could also be used for other furniture. The disadvantage is that a wall mounted stand does not provide any storage area for your DVD collection or left-over cables. A flat, rectangular stand, on the other hand provides a place to keep your DVDs, player, VCR and gaming console. A glass top stand is a very sleek-looking design, but with glass you have to be careful not to break or chip the glass. A wooden TV stand is a more solid choice and stands made out of wood are provided in a wide variety of finishes ensuring you will always find one to match the interior space of your living room. Plain, painted stands are quite common, but you might opt for a classic wood stain finish that offers a more antique style. If you want to position your TV in the corner of a room, then corner TV stands are available. These are worth looking into if you have odd shaped rooms. Larger television cabinets can add a touch of class to a living room, not to mention a great deal of additional storage space. No matter what your requirements there are so many TV stand choices around that you will always find something that is a perfect match for your interior design. It can help to shop around online to compare the various styles of TV stands so as to determine your exact requirements before venturing to the shops. You will save time and might even find what you want at a much cheaper price.