Living room is a very special area of our home. It is the front line in our effort to impress any and all guests. Choosing the right TV furniture for a modern living room is one of the most important aspects of contemporary interior design. As the media area is where our main focus is concentrated, having stylish furniture is worth a great deal of consideration when planning the whole living room design.

Diotti A & F offer modular sideboards and wall-hung cabinets, fifteen totally modern furniture configurations, all with the TV as the focal point of the designs. As with a lot of contemporary living room designs, the furniture lines are sharp and simple, with bold colors and highly functional features. With lacquered finish and ribbed glass these sideboards and media centers give the room a bright and sleek appeal.

Diotti A&F is a company who’s been active for a century in the field of interior designing and furniture retailing. Selling world-famous and less renowned brands is complemented by direct production in our artisan laboratory, thus allowing a winning fusion among customization needs, the most recent trends of important designers and keeping costs low. Thanks to this “vision” Diotti A&F is capable of achieving its “mission”: not only selling “furniture”, but designing and implementing the most important place in every customer’s life: to everyone his own world, to everyone his own home.