Created by Brazilian furniture designer Carlos Motta, the Asturias reclaimed wood chairs and matching rocking chairs are clearly rustic, clearly distinct designs … in other words, bold rustic designs. These are sophisticated pieces of furniture to be appreciated for years to come. Built using reclaimed and demolition wood that is plentiful in Brazil’s urban centers, the chairs look best with upholstered cushions as the colorful upholstery brings out the rustic boldness of the designs. Chairs are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Carlos Motta personally executes every step of his creations, from the initial design to the finishing details. The work he produces is characterized by a stark simplicity and ergonomic sophistication. The designer is passionate about Brazil, especially the country’s natural wealth. The designer is involved with environmental conservation, making use of raw materials from renewable sources and chooses sustainable options with ecologically certified or reclaimed wood. The result is strong, durable furniture that is elegantly conceived and built.

ESPASSO specializes in modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture. The showroom is committed to conserving Brazil’s rich 20th Century design heritage and promoting the work of today’s leading designers. As a premier resource for mid-century and contemporary design, ESPASSO has since the outset become a thriving outpost for interior designers, architects, artists, collectors and museums. The brand has come to be recognized internationally for the finest quality, service and innovative nature of the work it represents.