If you have flair for unusual things and love to collect items that bring an element of spunk to your home decor, then this round-the-corner chair can be your piece de resistance. The unique and elegant chair has been designed by Anton Björsing and can instantly add a zing to your home decor. It is all about making use of neglected space and getting the most out of the minimal.

Björsing has named this creation as Hörnstol which has been especially designed to highlight the corner space of a room. The chair is not an ordinary piece of furniture but something that can accentuate the beauty of your living room. It can be occupied by two people at once, and even though the idea isn’t too practical, the chair in itself is no less than a visual delight.

Today’s inspired design is an amazing looking chair that bends right around the corner. It surely isn’t a common chair but it takes advantage of any corner, giving a definite complexity to spaces usually left empty. The chair is made out of two parts connected with each other. The design is very simple and basic, but with a twist that sets it apart from other pieces of furniture. Moreover it could work in any cornered hallway or, to make things more interesting, on the corner of a more open room such as the living room of your house.

The chair comes in wooden black color and hence it can be matched with all kinds of other furniture. The design of the chair gives it a very contemporary look and can bring a charm to the erstwhile neglected and secluded corner of your living room.

The chair is a new concept and deserves appreciation for its sheer uniqueness and beauty. It can be real fun for your kids who share the same room. They can use the chair for some role-playing games facing different directions and can have their own space in that sense. Björsing certainly deserves a pat on back for creating something new and out of the box.