Dear reader, I’ve liked the DIY projects so much that now I’d like to share with you one more creative and unique headboard design! The desire which urges me on continuation of the previous topic is validated by the simple construction of the headboard which could be created by almost everyone. So, if you please, I’d like to share with you some interesting tips of the headboard creation. The technology is simple: take 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces and secure them to two strips of iron. The exceptional feature of the headboard is that it extends all the way to the ceiling thus creating a visual interest in the studio apartment! And that is all! Nothing more you need do in order to get original headboard and enjoy sleeping! Very stylish, modern and urban! May be you’ve your own ideas which you’d like to share with me and other readers? If yes, then I’m gladly ready to get them and we can continue our discussion further!