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DIY headboard ideas

Hi, dear reader! This is my regular post but unlike usual ways of ideas’ description it will be very original! Why? It is reasonable question, because probably you are already sated with my often stories about the beauty and perfection of something creative and unusual! I’ve decided that this way of information dessimination is all […]

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Home accessories by Ett La Benn

German designers Ett La Benn show the vases made of biodegradable cellulose as part of Poetry Happens at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week. Called Kami, the pots are molded by hand and left to air-dry. The ‘kami’ collection of pots/vases/home lighting encourage a new way of thinking in eco-friendly lifestyle products. Made from 100% […]

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stONE + tONE Collection – ecological décor by fivetimesone

Two charming collections of decorative pillows The stONE collection and tONE collection correspond seamless articles produced of 100% wool of merino and worked out by the Polish design-studio fivetimesone which consists of architectures, designers and just interesting creative people. Drawing inspiration in the nature environment the colleagues intend to open and continue different traditions of […]

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Jalousie as the window decoration

The decoration of windows determines the interior of placement. Besides habitual curtains and blinds recently the various jalousie – horizontal, vertical, built-in, motorized – got the wide spread in decoration of windows. The modern jalousie often excel the traditional textile for windows in rich choice of textures and shades of material of lamels, long time […]

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Beauty of marquetry

The hand-made furniture made by order is not just the handicraft articles but real masterpieces best examples of which we can see now only in museums and antique shops. There was time when the sketches for furniture were made by great Sandro Botticelli and Philippo Lippy and names of Andrea Charles Bull and David Roentgen […]

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Want to add some splash of bright fabulous colors and a drop of exquisite to your room? This is the very proper time to think about rugs. While arranging the room even with high-class furniture we feel that something is missed, the whole view is insufficient. Without any thinking hurry up to select a beautiful […]

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Kimura Pendant/Semi-Flush Mount

Kimura Pendant/Semi-Flush Mount unique slotted designed this squared Kimura pendant (semi flush mount) lighting will be the perfect addition to any designed room. It features the excellent blending of dark brown wood and brushed nickel that ensures unique look. Unique slotted design, squared pendant/semi flush mount. Dark brown wood, brushed nickel, tan linen shade. Dual […]

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East carpets in interior

The hand-made carpet is an irreplaceable element of not only ethnic style but also any other one. Than could be both Persian carpet with refined floristic ornament and Turkmen carpet with geometrical drawing – it can join absolutely different elements of furniture and décor, harmonize them and give the room the new energy. The designers […]

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Wallpapers in our houses

Sooner or later we all begin to think about changing the interior of our apartments into something new, uncommon and cozy. Everyone wants to achieve originality and uniqueness of furniture. Wallpapers can help in this. Modern technologies allow pleasing any requirements, changing the monotony in appearance of your apartment. Modern wallpapers corresponds wonderful pictures with […]

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