Peekaboo Dresser by Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen

Norwegian designer Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen has created a simple, functional and modern dresser that displays a fun way of interacting with a piece of furniture. The Peekaboo Dresser features round elements integrated in a contemporary overall design.

The drawers open outwards by pushing them sideways. By using neutral colors, the designer ensured that the Peekaboo Dresser will match any modern home. The design and color palette merge with the environment and create a stunning contemporary atmosphere. The drawers are laminated with bamboo and the walls are painted white so that the trays are clearly presented. Hiding clutter can become a thing of the past – the dresser invites you to enjoy cleaning up and touching its round, sinuous shape.

The designer wanted to change the chest of drawers concept by breaking the traditional shape. Three drawers on each side of the main body of the furniture slide open to look even more interesting than in the resting position. Wouldn’t you want a dresser like this one in your bedroom?

This was exhibited at Design and Architecture Center in Oslo, June 2011 at the Akershus University College Graduate Exhibition 2011.

Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen have a bachelor in Product design from Akershus University College and two years Graphic design from Norwegian School of Creative Studies. This fall she is starting on her master degree in Industrial design at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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The Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu

When optical illusions meet real life, they create dimension defying, eye watering. The Inception Chair surprises an artistic concept that was put to good use. By nesting one chair frame into another, designer Vivian Chiu managed to create a beautiful chair design that plays with perspective in a creative way. Chair-like objects were placed within each other, in progressively smaller sizes. Each of the elements has its own hand cut grooves on the inside edges of the seat frame and each of them also has notches in the back of the seat.

This allows the chair to be easily taken apart and reassembled. So, whenever you want to play with this artistic chair and you get tired playing, you can easily put it back together and rest. This chair within a chair is made from ash and it will help you get inspired just like a dream would.

Vivian Chiu is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in the Furniture Design department. Since childhood Vivian learned to appreciate simple forms and organic materials. Much of her work is a mixture of sculptural and functional, and shows her interest in the materiality of wood. Her work aims to satisfy her passion for repetitive woodworking and visual flow. She draws inspiration from artists such as Martin Puryear, Anish Kapoor, Tom Friedman and Richard Sweeney.

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Wood Chairs By Espasso

Created by Brazilian furniture designer Carlos Motta, the Asturias reclaimed wood chairs and matching rocking chairs are clearly rustic, clearly distinct designs … in other words, bold rustic designs. These are sophisticated pieces of furniture to be appreciated for years to come. Built using reclaimed and demolition wood that is plentiful in Brazil’s urban centers, the chairs look best with upholstered cushions as the colorful upholstery brings out the rustic boldness of the designs. Chairs are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Carlos Motta personally executes every step of his creations, from the initial design to the finishing details. The work he produces is characterized by a stark simplicity and ergonomic sophistication. The designer is passionate about Brazil, especially the country’s natural wealth. The designer is involved with environmental conservation, making use of raw materials from renewable sources and chooses sustainable options with ecologically certified or reclaimed wood. The result is strong, durable furniture that is elegantly conceived and built.

ESPASSO specializes in modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture. The showroom is committed to conserving Brazil’s rich 20th Century design heritage and promoting the work of today’s leading designers. As a premier resource for mid-century and contemporary design, ESPASSO has since the outset become a thriving outpost for interior designers, architects, artists, collectors and museums. The brand has come to be recognized internationally for the finest quality, service and innovative nature of the work it represents.

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Oak furniture for a nice interior

Re-using and recycling has become a useful trend among the people who care about the environment. Using reclaimed oak furniture is one of the solutions for having an amazing furniture range that looks magnificent in a classic and imposing interior but also helps the environment.

Old furniture can be refinished for a new, glamorous look in a glossy, transparent finish or a modern paint of your chosen color. An authentic, time-worn look can be achieved through the process of rehabilitating the oak furniture to match your interior design. With a strong rustic feel, the reclaimed oak furniture will let you explore a full range of emotions while admiring the perfect solid wood furniture.

Whether you choose to fill your whole house with natural reclaimed oak furniture or you fell in love with one piece of furniture made from reclaimed oak, the choice of purchasing this type of oak will ensure durability, elegance and perfect harmony to your rooms. With a subtle finish in diverse mixtures of wax and oil, the reclaimed oak furniture can look as good as new but will not lose the antique sentiment.

Exquisite details make the reclaimed oak furniture stand out in a room: carved elements and natural imperfections add style and grace to the furniture items. Aside from being exceptionally beautiful and natural, reclaimed oak furniture will be one of the few things that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come.

Different designs today ensure your chosen style will fit in perfectly: subtle elegance of the vintage reclaimed oak furniture or the contemporary version of a widely beloved material. The historic values of craftsmanship combined with new technology can accomplish even the most extraordinary results for perfectly integrated reclaimed oak furniture.

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Window seats in the interior

Since the time of 18th century, window seats that have been utilize to decoration of the homes of American people. The small backless sofas that were made to plug the recesses of the window.

Their reason of this plan has not tainted since the early time. Till now, we are seeing these things in kitchen, playing area and living rooms. It is most usually used in our personal bed rooms. These will appear merely magnificent with the seat cushion.

You probably think of them as a more traditional, cutesy sort of element; some people even consider them to be more of something that goes in a child’s room. But window seats are certainly for grown ups, and we’ve seen them popping up in homes of all styles, even modern.

Fundamentally, there are two main points of the cushion. For making the internal room chic, these cushions make the window seats relaxed & enjoyable. These eat cushions are enormous because they seize away the rigidity and angularity of materials, wood or metal that we usually use for the window seats in house.

Seat cushions are habitually custom made. Someone can have those in intricate prints of strips, solid ensign, and checkers and on choice. Because window seats are typically exposed to the various stuffs of climate, the choice of fabric will be decided if the seat cushions will last so long.

They are perfect for a little extra storage, and for curling up with a good book during a nice rainstorm. Almost always paired with a fun grouping of throw pillows and blankets, window seats are one of the coziest elements you could add to your space.

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Eastvold Furniture

Eastvold Furniture is a small, Minnesota based company that specializes in building finely crafted cabinets and furniture for home, office and business. Using unique materials and construction, Eastvold creates a high quality product that reflects fine design and modern living. Products include dining and occasional tables, bedroom furniture, home accessories, storage, and pet feeders.

Eastvold is committed to seeking out new ways to lessen their impact on the planet through their business practices and continue to explore ways to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Eastvold uses ethically harvested lumber in the construction their cabinetry and furniture, which helps sustain our forests. Formaldehyde free plywood is used for all cabinet boxes, which is better for employees, for customers, and for the planet. They also incorporate wood alternatives, such as bamboo, wheat board, or 100% recycled particleboard into the construction of cabinetry and furniture, which protects our natural resources.

Diversifying the dissemination of their furniture so that some of their work is available through their home website while another branch of furniture is available in their Etsy store indicates a savvy and democratic approach to design and retail. The success has been clear with Better Homes and Gardens and Dwell Magazine among the publications to pick up on Eastvold’s presence.

Furniture piece pictured above is a great example of Eastvold’s finely crafted wood furniture. Sleek and modern, the Classic Credenza offers mid-century appeal with concealed storage. Smooth sliding hardware and wire passage holes accommodate media equipment with ease. Made of sustainable solid wood in Walnut, White Oak or Maple.

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Chair by Et Al

In collaboration with industrial designer William Lee Et Al. Collective presented the new unique chair called LEAN. It is a sculptural yet simple piece designed to bring purpose to a universally under-utilized space; the corner. The versatile piece stands alone as a sculptural element, but also has dual functionality as furniture. When upright in a corner, LEAN is a chair that gains structural support from its adjacent walls. Set on its side, it becomes a coffee table with negative spaces for books and magazines. Fabricated in plywood, LEAN comes in a two-tone color which reinforces its geometric shape. In metal, the thin sheets combine durability with elegance.

The Lean is, in most cases a modern chair that can be used by anyone who doesn’t mind sitting in the corner of the room. That’s right, the Lean need a corner to stand in an up right position, which limits its usage as an actual chair. In case you want to move it away from the corners the Lean can certainly act as a modern coffee table or storage solution. But the Lean was conceived exactly to make the corner the attractive space in your room so that’s where you should use it in case you already plan to get it.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Et Al. Collaborative is a full-service architectural design practice. Its team represents a unique combination of talents, professional backgrounds, passions and insights. Et Al. approaches each project as an opportunity to collaborate with a client, an opportunity to define and appropriately respond to a specific goal–yours.

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Modern living room by Diotti

Living room is a very special area of our home. It is the front line in our effort to impress any and all guests. Choosing the right TV furniture for a modern living room is one of the most important aspects of contemporary interior design. As the media area is where our main focus is concentrated, having stylish furniture is worth a great deal of consideration when planning the whole living room design.

Diotti A & F offer modular sideboards and wall-hung cabinets, fifteen totally modern furniture configurations, all with the TV as the focal point of the designs. As with a lot of contemporary living room designs, the furniture lines are sharp and simple, with bold colors and highly functional features. With lacquered finish and ribbed glass these sideboards and media centers give the room a bright and sleek appeal.

Diotti A&F is a company who’s been active for a century in the field of interior designing and furniture retailing. Selling world-famous and less renowned brands is complemented by direct production in our artisan laboratory, thus allowing a winning fusion among customization needs, the most recent trends of important designers and keeping costs low. Thanks to this “vision” Diotti A&F is capable of achieving its “mission”: not only selling “furniture”, but designing and implementing the most important place in every customer’s life: to everyone his own world, to everyone his own home.

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Book shelf by Peter Böckel

German designer Peter Böckel is present this combined book shelf and lamp at DMY Berlin. Called Readme, the design resembles a stretched lamp shade with the books stashed in a void between the two ends. The steel cabinet is supported on maple legs and light is emitted from the translucent top surface.

Readme is the convergence of a lamp and a shelf. Standing on four legs it also is lightly influenced by the characteristics of a small chest. It still holds the traits of a lampshade which is broken up by shelving. In addition there is some small storage at the top. The extrapolation of the two convergent origins is the decisive point.

Used materials are white maple and coated steel.

Peter Böckel is a young industrial designer from Germany. He graduated 2011 from the University of Applied Science Coburg. During his time at the university he collected work experience in the offices of N+P Industrial Design in Munich and Michael Young in Hong Kong. Besides his assistant teaching at the university, he organized and mentored workshops for students at universities in Istanbul.

His design interests are ranging from experimental and furniture to industrial design. He scrutinizes and interprets things and processes in abstract and unusual ways. Here he likes to move around border crossings.

This can be used in topics and in the meanings are. Equally important is to find the right dose of friction between product and user. Inspired by materials, technologies and his surroundings he creates iconic and contemporary products.

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Comparing TV Stands For Your Home Entertainment System

While building a home entertainment system in their living rooms, many people obsess about the size of the television they wish to purchase, what type of movie player and which speakers to hook it all into. An often neglected item is the TV stand furniture upon which to mount the equipment. A somewhat crucial item in practice, TV stands come in a variety of different shapes and designs. If you are starting your own home cinema then you will need to purchase one at some stage. If you leave the TV stand for your LCD or Plasma TV until after your purchase, you’ll have little option but to place it on the floor. Not only is this sub-optimal in terms of viewing, it is potentially damaging to your TV set as the screen could potentially get kicked by someone walking past or damaged in some other way. The type of TV furniture you choose will depend, ultimately on your space area, budget and personal taste. Whether you are seeking a contemporary glass and steel look or a more classic oak wood, the styles, colors, materials and shapes of TV stands vary quite considerably. While it is nice to have a wide selection to choose from, you might be shopping for quite a while for just the right one. A minimalist style is very popular as are wall mounds as this frees up a lot of living room space, leaving the room feeling less claustrophobic. The extra space could also be used for other furniture. The disadvantage is that a wall mounted stand does not provide any storage area for your DVD collection or left-over cables. A flat, rectangular stand, on the other hand provides a place to keep your DVDs, player, VCR and gaming console. A glass top stand is a very sleek-looking design, but with glass you have to be careful not to break or chip the glass. A wooden TV stand is a more solid choice and stands made out of wood are provided in a wide variety of finishes ensuring you will always find one to match the interior space of your living room. Plain, painted stands are quite common, but you might opt for a classic wood stain finish that offers a more antique style. If you want to position your TV in the corner of a room, then corner TV stands are available. These are worth looking into if you have odd shaped rooms. Larger television cabinets can add a touch of class to a living room, not to mention a great deal of additional storage space. No matter what your requirements there are so many TV stand choices around that you will always find something that is a perfect match for your interior design. It can help to shop around online to compare the various styles of TV stands so as to determine your exact requirements before venturing to the shops. You will save time and might even find what you want at a much cheaper price.

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