Glass tables provide a modern interior design

Lots of people avoid buying glass dining tables because they seem safer and more reliable in terms of holding heavy plates. However, we’ll gladly debunk this myth by explaining why glass tables are actually a better choice than wood ones.

Something that most people don’t know, is that glass tables are built to withstand oven-like temperatures.  Not only will they take the heat, they also won’t stain like wood does.  Over time, wood tables start to loose their shape and color.  Glass will not.

For modern home interior looks, glass dining tables provide a perfect option since they come in all shapes and sizes, and the color is made to match anything.  They’re also great for smaller rooms since they add transparency – thus, making the room look brighter and and larger.  Glass is timeless, and truly the perfect choice for all types of interior design.

People use glass tables to create even a tiny space seem greater. It’s commonly utilised in kitchen area tables. The glass tops depicts additional visible room even within the smaller kitchen. Glass surface is sleek and it blends correctly with all sorts of decors.

If you want durability and want a table that will last you a long time, then choose a table made of tempered glass.  Although most tables already come tempered, it’s always best to double check.  It rivals none in terms of durability due to its very strong material that can withstand a lot of scratches, temperature changes, and spills. Glass dining tables are especially useful if you have small children.

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Desk by Note Design Studio and Karolina Stenfelt

The architects’ desk designed by Note Design Studio of Stockholm has been covered inside and out with pine veneer in a herringbone pattern, then charred black on the outside. Called Soot, the project was designed for cabinetmaker Karolina Stenfelt to demonstrate her skills while studying at Carl Malmsten School of Furniture.

It incorporates brass fittings and traditional equipment like built-in rulers, hidden magnets and rolls of paper, alongside electronic devices like USB ports and power outlets.

Good things come from taking risks and cabinetmaker Karolina Stenfelt certainly took a risk when she gave Kristoffer Fagerström from NOTE Design Studio free hands to design her journeyman project at Carl Malmsten School of Furniture. NOTE Design Studios latest design project “Marginal Notes” was anything but the easy way out and this complex project turned out to be nothing less.

The brief was to design a desk that didn’t reveal everything at first glance and would stand out in a discreet way. The choice of a desk was the result of that a journeyman project demands certain elements of construction and functions to be accepted for judgment by the jury.

Kristoffer designed an architects “black box” that combined the old analogue approach of built-in rulers, hidden magnets, sketchpaper rolls with new needs like USB hubs and power outlets.

“Pine is fine” is a shared motto of Kristoffer and Karolina and the idea of basing the desk solely on Swedish pine truly put the cabinet maker to the test. And if that wasn’t enough he wanted to use charred wood as surface finish.

The exterior is covered with the experimental burned veneer in a fishbone pattern and when you open the desk the inside is covered with the finest selection of golden pine in the same pattern.

Kristoffer designed a tar burned steel frame to carry the “black box”. The tar burning of the steel covered the shiny welding forges along with the rest of the frame with a varied sooted surface.

Custom made brass fittings as locks, rulers and hinges gleam against the sooted surface, referring to the fire used for burning the veneer.

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How to incorporate a circular rug

The rug has been a part of interior design for generations, and it’s usually a safe bet for bringing any room together. But you don’t want to just be “safe” with your design, do you?

Rectangular rugs are safe, no doubt about it. There are some stunning ones available, featuring florals, geometric patterns, swirls, colors. A rectangular rug will always fit your room, so there’s no worrying about positioning or spacing. It’s a natural fit. Not so the circular rug.

A circular rug needs coaxing to look great, but if you get the sweet spot with positioning, color, pattern and texture, it will make your room pop.

Circle rugs are great for small spaces, as they open up a room. If the rug you choose is a bolder color than the colors around it, it will draw the eye inward, away from the walls, and make the space appear larger than it is.

Circles have no edges, no boundaries. They represent infinity, and when incorporated into a space, this sensation of never-ending form will permeate the atmosphere.

If you wish to find a location in your house in which a round rug will appear elegant, look at your foyer. Positioning rugs within an area such as the front door of your house demonstrates much thought has gone into that first impression of family and friends whenever they enter your house.
Think about adding a circular rug underneath a sofa to pull it, visually, away from the wall and move it towards the center of the room. Or, you can add a circular rug to the center of a room for a great, eye-catching symmetry.

The possibilities are as endless as the edge of a circle.

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Sofa by Yuya Ushida for Ahrend

Yuya Ushida presented an expanding plastic sofa for Dutch company Ahrend. Called XXXX_Sofa, the piece is made of 8000 sticks and 2000 rings that snap together. The components are injection-moulded from recycled plastic bottles. A stool version with 600 parts is available in kit form.

XXXX_Sofa/XXXX_Stool are industrial version of Ushida’s Graduation project SOFA_XXXX for the exam at the Design Academy Eindhoven in June 2010. It was rewarded with the maximum level of 10 and the graduation was cum laude. This original model is handmade of about 8000 bamboo sticks and 2000 rings. The basic idea is that a chair can change into a sofa by a simple movement without any tools. A chair becomes a sofa, and a sofa becomes a chair.

“Whenever I see it the beauty of the simple geometrical structure and its repetition always fascinates me. SOFA_XXXX is made of just 4 different lengths of sticks, rings and joints. The parts on their own don’t seem to be special, but when put together in a regular pattern their beauty appears. It can be contracted, which makes it easier for transportation.”

In order to use as a daily life object, the designer chose to use plastic injection molding. And you can click in to build it up. It consists of only 8 elements, you can make many shapes, (for example, Sofa, Stool, Table and Bench etc.) Also it is used genuine recycled PET, no glass fiber for strength. The designer wanted to do something with the PET bottle that overflows in our society.

Yuya Ushida’s design motto is to make people happy while using things that were made. Also, the designer would like to translate a beauty that is surrounding us into the objects. XXXX_Sofa and XXXX_Stool suit this very well. Of course these can be used as a furniture, but also you can enjoy the geometrical structure like your own Eiffel tower! Then, if you put together it by yourself, I am sure, it definitely will be existence more than furniture for you.

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Warm and cool light colors in home interior

As it is known to everybody any color has its own impact on human. The information transmitted from color to us through special signals is perceived by our brain on subconscious level. Sometimes we even can not imagine that this or that color influences on our mood positively or negatively. Such kinds of transmissions occur very quickly without taking into account our desire. Associations concerning the colors actually are put into us on genetic level in “ancestor’s memory” as it is called! After these associations our own recollections are appearing. The color opportunities are almost infinite. They can call not only negative or positive emotions but also they can make you feel cold or warm atmosphere in home or the illusion of big or small space. The main colors of spectrum are divided into one and half million of shades and colors which can be perceptible by our eyes. The main division of spectrum is going on in the zone of green color – the differentiation between cold and warm parts. The warm part comprises of red and yellow tinges and the cold one is divided into green and blue tinges. The temperature of green color is determined by yellow or blue colors content in it. The yellow-green color promotes interior’s reviving reminding of young grass illuminated with spring sunlight and blue-green color – the color of marine waves calm and freshen the atmosphere. Green colors and tinges are always quiet that is why they relax us and save from tiredness. Green color – is the color of relaxation. The comfort is set up by warm colors in home interior. Shaded colors tope up and further meditative thinking. When we are surrounded by such colors it is easy to think for us. The yellow color stimulates us, orange topes up and the red color is close to effect of excitement and aggression. The red color is known for its irritation features that is why it is used in corrida for bull’s aggression call. The color of fire inspires a human with strength, confidence and gladness however it calls irritation and weary very quickly when it is used in too big amounts. Little accents of red color add cheerfulness and good mood to furniture. The yellow color – is the sunlight color featuring easiness and airy accents. This color has been personifying wealth (the color of gold) from ancient times till now and in eastern countries this color is the symbol of grandeur and eternity. Yellow develops cheerful and optimistic mood and it wonderfully harmonizes with almost all other colors in home interior. Sunlight warm shades do not create any negative sensation for people. The orange color formed through yellow and red colors mixing carries with it the light and warmth. In eastern religion Buddhism the orange color symbols enlightenment and holiness. It is reasonable to use orange shades in northern rooms where the sunlight looks in rarely. This method of color usage will help to create warm and comfort atmosphere in such kinds of rooms. The blue color is the color of scope, sky and quietness that gives you opportunity to concentrate upon something. Conflicts and arguments will pass more gently when surrounded by blue colored walls and moreover this color as if softens the corners of the room. Satiating itself with and getting dark the blue color transforms into dark blue color which is very cold and which features tranquility and serious look. This color symbols infinity and perfection which is to make somebody think and absorb into reflections. However it is worth to know that abundant usage of dark blue in interior can suppress but mild tinges of dark blue and sky blue in combination can bring coolness into southern hot rooms. The purple color is the most discrepant color combining with it as cold so as hot colors something like the combination of “ice and flame”. This mysterious color has appeared in art comparatively recently. It was not known nor to ancient human nor to clever Greeks. Purple color symbolizes spiritual sufferings in Christianity. It is very compound and of many faces color. It is recommended to limit the application of dark and dense tinges of purple color in interior. However light subdued shades of purple color can add refinement and definite style to interior. Talking about white color we can say that it is versatile color. It harmoniously combines with other colors adding the feeling of festive occasion. White color makes the effect of purity and state of weightlessness in a room. On the white background any kind of furniture and any accessory look wonderfully. If it is possible to name white color the aggregate combination of all seven colors of spectrum then black color is apparently the absence of some color. However there is no substitute colors to black color because it can with contrast emphasize and mark out other colors giving them brightness if it is necessary. Many people consider the grey color to be inexpressive! It is told the grey world is boring and monotonous. And it is very wrong to think like this! Grey color tinges in combination with other colors will introduce tranquility and business atmosphere to the office interior. And the tinges of nobleness will be added by this combination into the living area. While making ornament do not forget to take into account southern and northern sides of your apartment or home in order not to make the room turned towards the North more colder and the room turned to the South more hotter! The “climate” in your home will depend upon the color palette you choose!

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Chair by Matthias Demacker for Area DeClic

Munich designer Matthias Demacker presented his chair with interchangeable upholstery pads for Italian brand Area DeClic in Milan last month. Called Mixx, the chair has a metal frame designed so customers can choose three different-coloured pads to form the seat and backrest.

Mixx is a chair that is designed for having the possibility of various looks, which the user can define according to his/her personal taste. The chair consists of three individually upholstered parts that give the possibility to mix different fabrics and colours, thus the chair can have different characters/looks. AreaDeclic supplies a wide range of fabrics from which the user can choose its personal combination- from austerity (plain coloured) to playfull (multicoloured), whatever you prefer… Various bases for the chair with different finishings round up the diversity you can choose from.

Mattias Demacker born 1970, studied design at Fh Niederrhein in Krefeld. During this time he worked for several design offices in the field of exhibition design. After graduating he moved to Munich to work for different design studios where he designed for companies like Ideal Standard, Bene, Wittmann and Interlubke. 2003 he set up his own studio Dema Demackerdesign. His concepts always goal to a sensual perception of products – not following short lived trends of fashion but creating a modern durable product.

Area Declic is a brand of ARRMET, a historic Friulian factory active since the ’60s in the chair-manufacturing cluster in Manzano (Udine). In time, the company decided to manufacture mass-produced chairs, as a mark of fond utopia for functionality and design: to produce high quality objects, even when dealing with everyday products of large consumption.

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Budget-friendly kitchen remodeling

Do you want a fresh look in your kitchen but you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to satisfy your need for freshness? There are quite a few budget-friendly things that you can do that will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Not to mention, these are easy do-it-yourself projects you can complete on a lazy afternoon.

Change Fixtures – Replacing your old, ordinary faucet with a contemporary one is a small change that makes a big difference. Opt for one that offers a low-flow option which will cut down on your water bill.

Add a Backsplash – You can provide color, depth and even a pattern or theme to your kitchen by adding a backsplash to one wall. Be creative, experiment with more than one tile and choose colors that will bring your kitchen to life.

Modernize Your Lighting – What do the light fixtures in your kitchen look like? Adding recessed lighting or hanging a chandelier or even pendant or waterfall fixtures can really make a strong statement.

Replace Your Countertop – A stunning countertop can quickly become a focal point in any kitchen and replacing yours is not nearly as costly as you may imagine. Ceramic tiles are easy to install or you can look for materials such as stone or granite, keeping in mind that stone is much less expensive than granite.

Paint a Wall – Sometimes just bringing a new color to one wall is all that you need to satisfy your redecorating urge.

Kitchens are the foundation of any home, yours should be one that you truly love to be in. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, nothing is every permanent if you find you don’t love it later!

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Children rooms by AltaModa

Italian design studio AltaModa worked out several impressive conceptions of children rooms which include furniture, suggestions about the décor of placement and many elements of interior. Intriguing names of the collections – “Moby”, “Lolita”, “Spirit”, “Willy”, “Denim” – open the doors to the world of fascinating adventures, associations and creative game.

Universal and eclectic collection “Denim” for which the determination “luxury” is most acceptable is presented both for girls and for boys of teen and youth ages. The contrast combination of deep rich colors with snow-white context, effective accessories and elements of furniture create cozy atmosphere combining the features of timing periods and styles.

“Moby” is interior line which interprets in cartoons the subject of famous book by German Melville “Moby-Dick, or The Whale” based on the shades of sea and sky. The illustrations of colorful whales and charming soft toys on the background but calming combination of blue and white create merry positive atmosphere of the room for the boy.

Tender white-pink collection “Lolita” presents the “buduar” interior of girls’ rooms in the modern interpretation.

For creation of collection “Spirit” the designers were inspired with the traditions of British horse sport. This fascinating and very stylish interior will become the favorite room for future gentlemen.

The retro-line “Willy” devoted to the history of aviation is fulfilled in cool white-blue shades and also does not leave any doubts in its intention. Small dreamers and future travelers will be able to feel the real men – explorer of clouds.

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Picnic furniture by Meritalia

It is possible to love and care and give presents not only to the beloved girl-friend. Many car-lovers do the same with their four-wheeled metal babies, especially if this babe belongs to the category of retro-cars, for example Fiat 500 produced in the middle of last century. To allow the fans of retro-cars being always with their favorite car even there where it is necessary to go by foot the marketing department of Fiat company presented by the director Lapo Elkann and in collaboration with the famous furniture producer, Italian company Meritalia launched the series of car retro-furniture for picnic called Fiat 500 Design Collection.

Design-collection of furniture consists of three positions: auto-table (Picnic), auto-sofa (Panorama) and mini auto-bar (Cheers). To say the truth, it is a little difficult to distinguish the table from the mini-bar until you look under the table top made of thick glass and find there the accurate capacious stand for alcohol. Besides that, in contrast to the table and sofa, mini-bar has no wheels. Perhaps that none of the participants of the picnic decides to take the alcohol far from everybody to enjoy it alone or in other company.

Table and sofa, besides the wheels made of black polyurethane are equipped with small legs made of the same thick and transparent glass as the table tops for more stability. The sittings for sofa “Panorama” are made of leather painted in the national colors of Italy. However, according to the desire of the customer, it can be also textile, and also of any other color.

It is known, that recently the collection was presented in Italy at the exhibition Milan International Furniture Fair. The authors-producers of furniture consider their project to be the sign of respect to those who created Fiat 500 in far 1957 – 1975 and in honor of that the sign “Lapo and Meritalia pay tribute to the Fiat 500” is fixed to every article.


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Home accessories by Ett La Benn

German designers Ett La Benn show the vases made of biodegradable cellulose as part of Poetry Happens at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week. Called Kami, the pots are molded by hand and left to air-dry.

The ‘kami’ collection of pots/vases/home lighting encourage a new way of thinking in eco-friendly lifestyle products. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, an enormously solid and light material, ‘kami’ transforms this most abundant natural raw material into objects for daily use by simple air drying.

Charles Bukowski: ‘Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.’

Design as a creative discipline always floats between pure culture and an applied profession that fulfills industrial needs. This exhibition project emphasizes the experimental ‘making’-oriented cultural path of design. As every year, Milan is the best place to showcase these new concepts and researches. The exhibition POETRY HAPPENS displays authentic, archetypal projects, prototypes and installations with a narrative design quality. Poetry as a headline gives every invited designer, architect and artist the freedom of his / her personal approach and interpretation of his / her work related to poetry.

Ett La Benn transforms innovative ideas into reality. Founded in 2007 and managed by Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Durler Ett La Benn’s primary duties are divided in three business divisions: furniture design, brand architecture and consulting for foodmarket and retails concepts.

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