In present time there are two main ways of keeping books: in close (for example glassed-in) bookcases and in bookstands. The first variant is more preferable in terms of keeping because the books spoil because of long keeping on the open shelves. They turn yellow and loose their good appearance under sun light. Not being protected with anything they absorb dust, spoil and affect negatively on the health of people living in the house. So if you have many books at home, try to keep them in the close bookcases. Small amount of books and magazines, handbooks, encyclopedias and vocabularies which you use often, is fashionable and comfortable to keep on open shelves of bookstands together with souvenirs, trinkets and pictures.

The bookcases can be placed almost in any placements of the house: in living room and bedroom, children room and cabinet. In purposes of economizing of living space the niches, built-in cupboards, window apertures, places between the windows and under the windowsill are suited for keeping books.

In the spacious houses the special room can be assigned for keeping books – the library where the entire system of bookcases is established. Here the working table an armchair is placed and the library turns into cozy cabinet. In the living room the bookcase can be the separate element of furniture, the part of living room set and one section of the wall unit.

The standard bookcase correspond the construction which consists of glassed-in upper part and non-transparent lower one. Both upper and lowers doors of bookcase can be simple thrusting or sliding like in the wardrobe. In some models of bookcases the open shelves are also foreseen.

The range of materials used for production of bookcases is very wide. The case of exclusive models of bookcases is usually produced of the most expensive material – natural wood as massive or veneer sheet (nutwood, oak, cherry tree, birch, pine). Usually as the case material the modern wood chipboard and other boards with reliable covering of polymers, laminate or melamine is used. The doors of bookcases are made of transparent or dead glass. The modern high-strength glass is not cheap but very safe and firm.

The price of bookcase depends on its size (double-, three- and even six-leaved cupboards) and on which materials were used for its producing.